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trees, ideas, vague ideas


Trees are so plentiful between Moscow and Petersburg, that a quirrel could go all the way from one place to the other, without touching the ground.

Vague ideas will not enable us to trace inferences with accuracy, and to guard against them, we should avoid the use of vague and indeterminate expressions.

detail, eT, from a commonplace book (entitled Index) compiled by Rebecca Ashwell, a scholar at a young lady's academy in Enfield, England, 1850.

The schoolmistresses of that academy were, according to the 1851 census, Emma Swannell and Isabella Charlton. Rebecca (15, of Nottingham) was one of 12 girls listed as residing at 164 Chase Green, between the ages of 12 and 17 years.

Note squirrels, political economy; also checks in margin, and corrections of errors.

22 February 2013

tags: commonplace book; corrections; ideas; index; squirrels
Rebecca Ashwell; Emma Swannell