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returns and

and, a
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harbours, head-lands, islands.   1

ifs and ands ( or quibbles and quirks )   2

when is the sound of ance, written ands ?   3
no fewer than eight.   4

here and there
this and that
with and gone

these notions
these numbers

these returns
these reverses

renewals   5

returns and renewals   6
what my trips to the library amount to —
renew some, return some, anew some.

isostasy.   6
and sup   7



  1. The Mariner’s Magazine: Or, Sturmy’s Mathematical and Practical Arts. Containing the description in making and use of the most usefull instruments for all Artists and Navigators. The Arts of Navigation at Large a New Way of Surveying of Land, Gaging Gunnery, Astronomy, and Dyalling, performed Geometrically, Instrumentally, and by Calculation. By Cap. Samuell Sturmy, 1669.
    full (remarkable) title here.
  2. Dimes, Andar en dimes y direte, To use ifs and ands, or quibbles and quirks; to contend, to use altercations.
    Neuman and Baretti's Dictionary of the Spanish and English Languages; wherein the words are correctly explained, agreeably to their different meanings, and a great variety of terms, relating to the arts, sciences, manufactures, merchandise, navigation, and trade, elucidated.
    Stereotype Edition. In two volumes. Vol. 1. Spanish and English.
    Boston: Hilliard, Gray, Little, and Wilkins. 1831
  3. John Jones. Practical phonography: or, The new art of rightly speling and writing words by the sound therof. and of rightly sounding and reading words by the sight therof. Applied to the English Tongue. Design’d more especially for the Use and Ease, of the Duke of Glocester. But that we are lamentably disappointed of our Joy and Hopes in him.
    London, 1701.

  4. Here are no fewer than eight ands in one sentence.
    Lindley Murray. An English grammar : comprehending the principles and rules of the language, illustrated by appropriate exercises, and a key to the exercises.
    Vol. 1 (of two). The third edition, corrected, and much enlarged. York, 1816.

  5. numbers, notions
    John Macdonald, A Naval, Military and Political Telegraphic Dictionary, Numerically Arranged on a Very Comprehensive Scale…. (Whitehall, 1817)
    x / 964, 966

    returns, reverses
    Macdonald, ibid.
    xi / 48-49

    Macdonald, ibid.
    80 / 873

  6. isostasy.
    Clarence Edward Dutton, Earthquakes in the light of the new seismology (1904)
  7. S’camlaa’gee, a. id., com. and sup. how illegal, intricate in law, how implex...
    Archibald Creggen. A dictionary of the Manks language: with the corresponding words or explanations in English... with some etymological observations... (Liverpool, 1835)

Within reading I desire lastingness in tandem with the falling away.

ex Lisa Robertson,
inLastingness: Réage, Lucrèce, Arendt, in her Nilling : Prose Essays (2012)

4 March 2013

tags: ands; falling away; isostasy; practice; reading
Lisa Robertson