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fractures in all directions, but outside


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unopened plate, deposit cross-section, illustrating Pope Yeatman, “Mine of Chile Exploration Co., Chuquicamata, Chile,” Proceedings of the Second Pan American Scientific Congress. (section VII) Mining, metallurgy, economic geology and applied chemistry (1917) : 992-1004

What makes the process chosen particularly applicable for the Chuquicamata ores is that the ore itself carries more than enough sulphuric acid for solution of the copper, and that on precipitation of the copper from this solution, acid sufficient for the solution of the next batch and an excess besides is regenerated, which will allow the discarding of solutions if necessary, to avoid fouling them by continual use. The experiments have proved that very little iron, silica, or alumina is taken into the final solution, and that it has been possible with the average ore to use the same solution over as many as a hundred times without ill effect.

The country rock is a granodiorite extending over a considerable area, which in the ore deposit has been greatly crushed and shows innumerable fractures in all directions, but outside showing little alteration or evidences of such dynamic disturbance. The whole of Chile and, in fact, the west coast of South America lies in an earthquake belt...

Mrs. Gould, looking at all these things in turn, wondered aloud why the talk of these wealthy and enterprising men discussing the prospects, the working, and the safety of the mine rendered her so impatient and uneasy, whereas she could talk of the mine by the hour with her husband with unwearied interest and satisfaction.

Joseph Conrad. Nostromo, A Tale of the Seaboard. (1904)

11 March 2013

tags: with unwearied interest; copper; faults; fines; lines; mining
Pope Yeatman; Joseph Conrad