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some of the more highly colored varieties


Plate XIX
A. Fine-grained gray and variegated marble from Waterfall Bay, Dall Island.
B. Yellow marble from View Cove, Dall Island.

(cropped), illustrating Ernest F. Burchard. Marble Resources of Southeastern Alaska, With a section on the geography and geology by Theodore Chapin. USGS Bulletin 682 (1920): 1-118

Alaska marble was first used, long before the coming of the white man, by the natives, who carved utensils and ornaments from some of the more highly colored varieties. The Russian occupants of Alaska gave no heed to the marble, though they may have utilized a few slabs for tombstones.
ex Preface by Alfred H. Brooks

12 March 2013

tags: color; marble; metamorphosis; natives, the
Alfred H. Brooks; Ernest F. Burchard