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waveless, waveson, waveworn


detail, unopened (and unidentified) illustration,
in William Gawin Herdman. A Treatise on the Curvilinear Perspective of Nature: and its applicability to art. London and Liverpool, 1854
Oxford copy, digitized September 6, 2006.

from whose preface, this —
The remarks on Natural Phenomena are all from personal observation, and many of them will be found quite new to the scientific world. The practical part, as regards its application to Art, will be better appreciated when it is found in what manner it will be useful, which at present is not known, and therefore by many unjustly condemned.
p vi
William Gawin Herdman (1805-82)

waveless       according to the law

ex Telegraph Code for the Hide & Leather Trade. Compiled by F. Widebrook. Liverpool, 1880

20 March 2013
tags: curves; law, according to the; Liverpool; telegraphic codes; unknowns; waves; W. G. Herdman; F. Widebrook