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a grammar of the prairie

Consistency in grammar is therefore the property — solely — of a well-developed artist-architect.
ex Frank Lloyd Wright, The Natural House (1953): 182-183

The property of a well-developed grammar is consistency.

The well of consistency is grammar.
A well of therefore.
A well of therefore solely is
the well of therefore solely.

A well of the artist is property.
Well, of property.
Property, of the artist.

(A property of the architect is grammar.)

A property of the artist is consistency.
The well of grammar is consistency.

Property is therefore developed.
Grammar is therefore developed
solely of the artist,
solely of the artist.

Property is therefore developed
solely of grammar.
Solely of consistency
is therefore well developed.

The grammar of a solely therefore.
he grammar of a therefore solely.
The grammar of a therefore solely is
a therefore grammar well developed.

A property of therefore is the well.
A property of the well is therefore.

grammar of.
Therefore grammar.
Therefore solely.
A grammar of therefore.

Therefore the artist
architect of grammar.
Solely of grammar.
Solely of consistency.
Solely of therefore.

Solely therefore

what comes of teaching, and a prompt from
H. Konig and J. Eizenberg, “The Language of the prairie: Frank Lloyd Wright’s prairie houses.” Environment and Planning N, 1981, volume 8: 295-323

16 April 2013

tags: architecture; grammar; prairie; variations; ex Frank Lloyd Wright, The Natural House (1953)