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errors, diagnostic


(uncaptioned) image
illustrating Arnold Knapp, M.D. New York, “Subretinal exudate simulating sarcoma of the choroid, with anatomic examination.” in Transactions of the American Ophthalmological Society, XVII. (Fifty-fifth Annual Meeting, Atlantic City, N.J.), 1919 : 361-365
Google scan; embossed identification of University of Michigan copy visible at lower left.

from the introduction —
“Eyes have been removed on account of a presumptive sarcoma of the choroid and have shown, on microscopic examination, an organized subretinal fibrous exudate. It seems of interest to put on record another case of this kind and to study the ophthalmoscopic changes with the view of determining whether these changes are definite enough to help in avoiding similar diagnostic errors.”

“The choroid showed no inflammatory infiltration.”

21 April 2013

tags: error; diagnostic errors; presumptive; A. Knapp, “Subretinal exudate simulating sarcoma of the choroid” (1919)