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and every case should be watched as an experiment.


Fig. 6. — Bands of Retinitis Proliferans in Right Eye, as Seen Two And One-Half Years After Onset of the Disease.
(Shows retinal vessels (“normal in size, are not tortuous”) of one L.E.B., male, aged twenty-eight years, rancher by occupation.)

illustrating Edward Jackson, M.D. and (by invitation) William C. Finnoff, M.D., “Tuberculosis of the Retina.” Transactions of the American Ophthalmological Society XVII (Fifty-fifth Annual Meeting, Atlantic City, New Jersey), 1919 : 344-360

epigram ex p360

23 April 2013

tags: experimental philosophy; ophthalmology
E. Jackson, “Tuberculosis of the Retina” (1919)