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folding, faulting, and brecciation, 2


detail (minus border rule, etc) of Plate xxiv,
Jaspilite from Grand Rapids Mine, Negaunee
illustrating Charles Richard Van Hise (1857-1918 *) and William Shirley Bayley (1861-1943). The Marquette iron-bearing district of Michigan, with atlas. Including a chapter on the Republic Trough, by Henry Lloyd Smith. Department of the Interior. Monographs of the U.S. Geological Survey. XXVIII. 1897.

The “two emphatic intrusions” found in the monochrome Google scan (of copy at Stanford University) were evidently a tear in the, or loose scrap of, paper. This poor snapshot of an original copy (at Harvard’s Cabot Science Library) can only hint at the beauty — uniformly so — of the plates in this volume. The two presentations are incomparable and striking in their respective ways.

Google scans of copies at Cornell* and Purdue* are also available. The Stanford and Cornell scans are at least partly in color (but no color for Plate xxiv); the Purdue scan misses Plate xxiv.

8 May 2013

tags: brecciation; emphatic intrusions; iron; iron-bearing districts; jaspalite; variorum
C. R. Van Hise & W. S. Bayley (1897)