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drawn by themselves


Plate IV. Waves of the First Order.—Drawn by themselves.
These eight waves are of the natural size, being mere transcripts of the outline of a wave left on a dry surface...
p 311

ex John Scott Russell (1808-82 *), The Wave of Translation in the Oceans of Water, Air, and Ether. London, 1885
Harvard copy, digitized September 30, 2005

earlier appearance : wave(s) of translation
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see also Larrie D. Derreiro and Alexander Pollara, “Contested Waterlines: The Wave-Line Theory and Shipbuilding in the Nineteenth Century” in Technology and Culture 57:2 (April 2016) : 414-444
added 26 July 2016

24 May 2013
tags: drawing; mere transcripts; J. S. Russell, The Wave of Translation (1885)