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erotic, in lieu of. 1

erotetic     /     but if not there
erotica     /     but not there

erotiche     /     but not if there
eroticos     /     for there

erotidias     /     for if there
erotique     /     for if not there

erotisme     /     from there
erotomane     /     if there

erotomia     /     if not there
erotundato     /     if possible there

Erotica     /     Been away

39988   Erotica     /     Never gave us any instructions.
39989   Erotiche     /     No further instructions are necessary
39992   Erotique     /     Original instructions.
39993   Erotisme     /     Pending further instructions.

18223   Erotique     /     Your interests are fully protected
18224   Erotismo     /     You may rely that I shall do my best in your interests
18225   Erotomania     /     Your duty would consist mainly in watching our interests

69863   Erotica     /     4 8/20 (dimensions, internal diameter, in inches)

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Thought I might write something for the Poster poem post in the Guardian, on the topic “the erotic.” Wasn’t up to more than the above (marred by an error or two, as well), contrived after a rummage through codes and elsewheres. Helped along by this —

While she is murmuring endearing and erotic words in her native dialect, he is typing business notes in telegraphic code.
ex Amanda Leamon, her Shades of Sexuality: Colors and Sexual Identity in the Novels of Blaise Cendrars (Rodopi, 1997).

28 May 2013
(from which the above is slightly reformatted)

tags: Blaise Cendrars; double registers; the erotic; in lieu of; nonsense; telegraphic codes