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envelope, 1


scan of unopened envelope (evidently containing 3 sheets, scale 1:250000), b&w only online (color in pdf)
ex Henry M. Eakin, The Iditarod-Ruby Region, Alaska. USGS Bulletin 578, 1914.

“The first is a figure that encases, envelops, implies; things, persons, and names are boxes out of which we take something of an entirely different shape, of an entirely different nature, an excessive content... And in relation to this first figure of envelopment, the narrator&’s activity consists in explicating, that is, in unfolding, developing a content incommensurable with the container. The second figure is instead that of complication; this time it involves the coexistence of asymmetric and noncommunicating parts, either because they are organized as quite separate halves or because they are oriented as opposing ‘aspects’ or ways or because they begin to revolve, to whirl like a lottery wheel that shifts and even mixes the fixed prizes...”

ex chapter 9 “Cells and Vessels,” in Gilles Deleuze, Proust and Signs (1964, English translation 1972, 2000): 116-117

(a slow second reading, 10+ years later.)

4 June 2013

tags: aurifeous deposits; envelope; mereology; H. M. Eakin; G. Deleuze