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another shapeless rolling cloud


Fig. 14. Vague Religious Feeling.
“another shapeless rolling cloud, but this time it is blue instead of crimson. It betokens the vaguely pleasurable religious feeling—a sensation of devoutness rather than of devotion—which is so common among those in whom piety is more developed than intellect... Rarely—very rarely—among the clouds of blue will flash like a lance cast by the hand of a giant such a thought-form as is shown in Fig. 15... but in most cases we must seek elsewhere for these signs of a higher development.” (p 40)

ex Annie Besant (1847-1933 *) and Charles Webster Leadbeater (1854-1934 *). Thought-Forms. London and Benares: The Theosophical Publishing Society, 1905

“This genesis implicates something that does violence to thought, which wrests it from its natural stupor and its merely abstract possibilities. To think is always to interpret—to explicate, to develop, to decipher, to translate a sign. Translating, deciphering, developing are the form of pure creation.”

Gilles Deleuze, Proust and Signs : The Complete Text (1972; Minnesota, 2000): pp97-98

19 June 2013

tags: clouds; shapelessness
Annie Besant & C. W. Leadbeater, Thought-Forms (1905); G. Deleuze