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a blur


detail of an accidental photograph of page 605. one of several instances of pages grafted together, evidently to form blank code lines where earlier had been sections (from a private code?) whose phrase-matter was deemed superfluous or dated or too specific for what is, in effect, a customized new edition.

ex Frederic George McCutcheon (1847-1915), compiler. The imperial and colonial telegram code, containing a selection of the most important subject-words in the English language, with 80,000 phrases and sentences for economical and secret telegraphic correspondence on commercial, financial and general subjects. (London, 1894)

Several McCutcheon codes are in the Vail Collection at MIT, that suddenly comes into the light (from card to online catalogue — they've been here since 1912). I’ve spent a good part of two days laboring to understand them, and their suddenly blurry relationship to each other; I am far from done.

69621   Expensans     What
69622   Expensanti     Beyond what
69623   Expensarem     What has to
69624   Expensaris     What else
69625   Expensat     What has
69626   Expensavi     What has been
69627   Expensem     What have
69628   Expensemus     What have you
69629   Expensent     What have you done
69630   Expensere     What is

27 June 2013

tags: blur; error; more blur; F. G. McCutcheon, The imperial and colonial telegram code (1894)