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sometimes form a sort of network... and at other times dilute


Plate XXXIII, Fig. 7
When the black band is formed from a disturbed condition of the coloured bands, where a great number of separate black portions are slowly united, there may be seen a portion of the black space much darker than the rest, with a beautiful margin of white spots, and accompanied with one or two circular spaces of equal blackness, and surrounded also with white spots, so small as to require a lens to see them. This phenomenon is shown in Fig. 7. The deep black colouring matter sometimes occurs in small spots and in dendritic forms, moving over a lighter black portion. (p 492-493)

illustrating David Brewster (1781-1868 *), “On the Colours of the Soap-Bubble.” Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh 24 (1867) : 491-504

epigram from page 493.

15 July 2013
tags: dilutions; dendritic forms; japonisme; rounds; D. Brewster, “On the Colours of the Soap-Bubble” (1867)