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as to the results, a few scattered spots


Group CXXIII, September 20, 1896
illustrating “A Brief Review of the Sun-spots of the Past Year. (October 1, 1895, to September 30, 1896)” and, in the same number, E. Walter Maunder, “The Great Sun-spot Group of September 1896,” in Reports of the Directors of the Observing Sections. Solar Section. Journal of the British Astronomical Association 7:2 (1896) : 50-53 and 62-64, respectively.
UC Berkeley copy, digitized May 4, 2009.

detoured here, in search for optical + lens + incoherence.

“By September 19 the coherence of the stream has gone. Two great spots are forming themselves in the first half of the group, whilst the latter portion has diminished much, and consists principally of a few scattered spots, and a curious curved spot like a reaping hook or note of interrogation... By September 21 the evolution of the two great spots in the front part of the group has been completed. A few small stragglers are all that remain of the latter half of the group.” (p 63)

and the mean while (after long away) glancing through epistolary archives sad litany / middens of charges and indictments, errors and wrecks, evasions, elisions, illusions, delusions, endings. rounds and rounds of as-if-cycles nothing good, goods for nothings, only worse

signal incoherence
waiting out the light.

19 July 2013

tags: errors and wrecks; incoherence; reaping hook; E. Walter Maunder, on Sun-spots (1896)