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composition of a poem : thought without language, for the choice of words takes place without the help of words.

Simone Weil, The Notebooks of —, Vol. I (Arthur Wills, trans.; 1956) : 37

Dancers say they will never consider a word capable of corresponding to the motion it describes.
— Lizzie Feidelson, “The Merce Cunningham Archives.” n+1 (20 May 2013) *
(great essay, particularly the passage about written notation)

SW did not write aphorisms; this and earlier passages appear in constellations of linked ideas, throughout the notebooks. Not fragments, rather steps, pauses in thinking/writing. Brings to mind the unpublished/unfinished writing of C. S. Peirce.

Let every activity have at its centre some moments of interruption.
Weil, op. cit. : 96

30 July 2013

tags: interruption; thought forms; words; Merce Cunningham; Simone Weil