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where to look, 2


back cover, rotated 90º.
Pitman’s Where to Look : An Easy Guide to Books of Reference (London, 1907)
Harvard copy (Widener B 465.9), digitized March 28, 2006

(surprise, in the) downloaded pdf.

“Searching in one sentence for another sentence.”

Unica Zürn (1916-70 *), in The Man of Jasmine (1966)
discussed in Victoria Appelbe, “‘Du wirst dein Geheimnis sagen’ (‘You will reveal your secret’) : Anagrams in the work of Unica Zürn.” in Unica Zürn (exhibition catalogue Panama Musèes / Halle Saint-Pierre), 2006

12 August 2013

tags: another; jasmine; sentences; Pitman’s Where to Look (1907); Unica Zürn