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in the vicinity of the weld

Fig. 22 Link 1, Welded End. Ferrite and Pearlite (0.1 Per Cent C). Medium Grain Size, Slight Distortion.
The notable feature is the distortion of the ferrite grains into elongated bands with angular bands of pearlite between them. This distortion is proportionate to the amount of pearlite in the area. It does not, however, extend through all parts of the welded end. A large number of the specimens at this end show a normal or only slightly distorted structure, and in certain of them signs of slight burning were observed in the vicinity of the weld.

ex W. W. Webster and E. L. Patch, Paper No. 1571, “Heat Treatment of Wrought-Iron Chain Cable.” With (interesting) foreword by F. G. Coburn, Mem.Am.Soc.M.E., Naval Constructor, U.S. Navy. ASME Transactions 38 (1917) : 1159-1204

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23 August 2013

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