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nor is metallurgy limited by the microscope


Fig. 1.
Burst tube from No. 7 Boiler, Park Place Heating Plant, Detroit Edison Company
ex Albert E. White. “The Constitution and Properties of Boiler Tubes.” Transactions of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers 42 (1920) : 671-703
Stanford copy. cropped from border.

Figures 2 through 25 show specimens at 100x magnification. The author takes some pains to assure that quality of the tube manufacture is not in question, but advocates use of metal with higher carbon content.

Epigram from the “clever piece of English phraseology” submitted — in thinly cloaked vitriol — by G. P. McNiff (pp 698-699) to the Discussion, and addressed by the author in his concluding remarks.

25 August 2013

tags: the laws of grain growth; metallurgy; A. E. White, “The Constitution and Properties of Boiler Tubes” (1920)