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rather loose in the aspirates

Grammar very shaky
Rather loose in the aspirates
Not strong on Lindley Murray
A very good grammarian
Falls when it comes to grammar
How about grammar

from my notes, a decade old
ex Woods’s Bohemian Telegraph Code
with which is incorporated Woods’s Theatrical, Musical and Equestrian Telegraph Code Book, Many new features have been introduced, including A Special Sporting Code…
Second Edition. Revised, improved and enlarged, to meet the wants of Actors, Actresses, Agents, Variety, Equestrian, and other Artistes, Theatrical and other Managers, Tradesmen, Travellers, Police, Private Detectives, Confidential Agents, Sportsmen, Hotel Proprietors, &c., and enable voluminous correspondence with Bohemians generally to be carried on through the medium of a Sixpenny Telegram.

S. R. Woods & Co., Blenheim Street, Newcastle-on-Tyne, England (1886)
BL 8756.aaa.35

4 September 2013
tags: aspirates; grammar; Lindley Murray; Woods’s Bohemian Telegraph Code (1886)