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importance of field tests


Front View of Steel Test Fences

illustration (cropped) to discussion of “Structural Paint Tests”
ex Henry A. Gardner. Paint Technology and Tests (McGraw-Hill, 1911): 229
UC Berkeley copy (TP936 G22), digitized October 24, 2006

“Although the laboratory accelerated tests for the determination of the relative value of structural steel paints afford information of some import, there seems to be a general opinion that the best method to follow, if information of a reliable character is to be obtained, is to make actual field exposure tests upon large surfaces. The results of the above described water-pigment tests suggested the erection of a series of steel panels on which to test out the same pigments under practical service conditions...”

“The three types of metal selected for the test were rolled into billets, the middle of which were selected, and worked up into plates 24 inches wide, 36 inches wide, and 1.8 inch in diameter — approximately 11 gauge...”
p 226-228

epigram ex p 226

26 September 2013

corrosion; steel
H. A. Gardner, “Structural Paint Tests” (1911)