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the gross technical errors

Fig. 2.
Stocking Made by a Paretic

“Of course the paretic very soon becomes incapacitated for all occupations involving especial dexterity, drawing, painting, violin playing, handicraft. I have a small collection of the handiwork of paretic women. In these specimens the disorderliness of the work is notable, the large stitches, the gross technical errors, the loops dropped from the knitting-needle. At the same time, the mental weakness is evidenced in the fantastic shapes, especially of the stockings; one patient knitted a constricted end the size of a finger onto the already shapeless foot; another made an endless tube; a third closed the stocking at both ends (Fig. 2).”
ppĀ 31-32

ex Emil Kraepelin. General Paresis. Authorized English Translation by J[oseph] W[aldron] Moore. Nervous and Mental Disease Monograph Series, No. 14
New York: The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease Publishing Company, 1913
UC Berkeley copy, digitized April 16, 2007

9 November 2013

dada; gross technical errors; paresis; stocking
Emil Kraepelin, General Paresis (1913)