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to be distorted by unreckoned-with factors


Writing specimen 10. Agraphia
under heading General Symptomatology

ex Emil Kraepelin. General Paresis. Authorized English Translation by J[oseph] W[aldron] Moore. Nervous and Mental Disease Monograph Series, No. 14
New York: The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease Publishing Company, 1913
UC Berkeley copy, digitized April 16, 2007

“All these rules are set aside in paresis; the conformity of the pressure to the different parts of the writing movements is only incomplete, so that the customary variations in the pressure lines are indistinct and irregularly formed; the individual peculiarities of the writing are altered quite independently of each other. On the other hand, many pressure alterations are present which bear no relation to the form of the script and which disturb the smooth and orderly course of the writing movements. They cause the already indistinct pressure tracings of the letters to be distorted by unreckoned-with factors. Thus it is that not only is their relation to the individuality of the particular type obscured but the constancy of pressure lines for the same letter tends more and more to disappear.”

10 November 2013

handwriting; which bear no relation
Emil Kraepelin, General Paresis (1913)