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outlier scales


Scribbles changed in style, as one presentation gave way to another.
(this cropped from handwritten portion).

Here from notes page 6 (of 17), Smart Clothes conference, Radcliffe Institute, 15 November 2013.
during talk by Christine Ortiz, “Natural Armor: Untapped encyclopaedia of engineering designs for protective defense applications,” and specifically her discussion of the “interlocking, quad-layered, mineralized scales” of Polypterus senegalus.

Shape changes across length of body, to many smaller scales at fin. Scanning each scale (21 landmark points) were able to digitize and 3D print the whole.

ref: Bruet, Song, Boyce and Ortiz, “Materials design principles of ancient fish armour,” Nature Materials 7:9 (2008)

16 November 2013

body; mineralized scales; polypterus senegalus; scribble; smart clothes
Christine Ortiz