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having been heaved out from the abyss of nothingness


error, photo of ex or interior,
Bartlomiej Beniowski, (1801?-1867). Improvements in printing, invented and patented.
London: Printed and published by the author, no. 8, Bow-street, Covent Garden. 1854.
Houghton | TypTS 805 54.202

in whose¬†Handbook of Phrenotypics. Part 1. Development of the Principle of Familiarity. (1852), this —

“What I recommend is, not to be active in this transaction — not to form purposely a story, but merely to wait patiently until a something rises before the imagination after the two given notions have been put before the mind...”
p 27

epigram from p 19.

16 November 2013

errors; notions; phantoms; “principle of familiarity”
Barlomiej Beniowski, Handbook of Phrenotypics (1852)