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much strained


Plate II, Fig. 4.
Swedish Iron, much strained, seen under oblique illumination. 280 diameters.
cropped from page and border,
illustrating J(ames) A(lfred) Ewing (1855-1935 *) and Walter Rosenhain (1875-1934 *). “Experiments in Micro-metallurgy:—Effects of Strain. Preliminary Notice.” Proceedings of the Royal Society of London 65:414 (1899): 85-90
Harvard copy, digitized April 6, 2007

“In what follows we shall speak of these lines as slip bands.
Incidentally fig. 4 illustrates the fact that oblique lighting picks out the boundaries of the crystalline surfaces connecting grains whose faces are at different levels.”
p 87

or, a picture of Chaos.

22 November 2013

chaos; metallurgy; slip bands
J. A. Ewing and W. Rosenhain, “Experiments in Micro-metallurgy:—Effects of Strain” (1899)