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torn, sheared and bent


Exhibit 124, 15.
(cropped from border and page)
Shows a fragment of 7/8″ plate torn, sheared and bent.
ex Quebec Bridge Inquiry 1907, Vol. 11. Minutes of Proceedings and Printed Exhibits (Ottawa, 1908)
University of Michigan copy, digitized Feb 10, 2006
and NYPL copy

“I expected to see a big crack zigzagging from top to bottom... then a crash and clouds of dust.”

Willa Cather, Alexander’s Bridge (1912) : 15

“Thought is what makes frustration bearable, and frustration makes thought possible.”

Adam Phillips. Missing Out : In Praise of the Unlived Life (2012) : 24

24 November 2013

failure; frustration; iron; Quebec Bridge collapse; thought; the unlived life
Willa Cather, Alexander’s Bridge (1912); Adam Phillips, Missing Out (2012)