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the rutile inclusions, 2


Plate 37. Photomicrographs of rutile in cyanite, Charlotte County.
Fig. 2.
Cyanite altered to muscovite folia, with inclusions of rutile crystals shown. Charlotte County. Enlarged 105 diameters.
(cropped from page)
ex Thomas Leonard Watson and Stephen Taber. Geology of the titanium and apatite deposits of Virginia. Virginia Geological Survey. Bulletin III-A. 1913
Harvard copy, digitized September 15, 2007

This volume was previously in the Library of the Mineralogical Laboratory, later Kummel (Geology) Library whose entire contents were transferred to Cabot Science Library in June 2005. There was a time I used to frequent Kummel (it had to do with Emblemata Ambulare — my confused design “thesis” having something to do with landscapes and palimpsests, the formation of physical and mental places *). Later, I would borrow materials for a “geological poetry” exercise I assigned to my typography students.

Kummel was not a heavily used library, and devoted a perhaps inordinate amount of real estate to ancient USGS surveys and reports, stuffed with their beautiful maps. The library’s ambience was inflected by oil portraits of geology professors of earlier years, a good many of them in fieldwork attire and scenes, and holding a geologist’s pick.

I loved that library, as I do dry images like this.

epigram from page 214.

27 November 2013

Emblemata Ambulare (1993); T. L. Watson & S. Taber, Geology of the titanium and apatite deposits of Virginia (1913)