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It all hung together, seemed to have a kind of composition.


Fig. 1.
Structure of hot-rolled copper as revealed by etching with an ammoniacal solution of copper ammonium chloride. ×250
illustrating Henry S. Rawdon and Marjorie G. Lorentz. “Metallographic Etching Reagents: I, for Copper.”¬†Scientific Papers of the Bureau of Standards 16 (1921) : 641-668
University of Chicago copy, digitized May 24, 2012

epigram from¬†“Tom Outland’s Story,” in Willa Cather, The Professor’s House (1925) : *

But later, after some reverses, ambitions come to naught, a friendship undone —

“This was the first time I ever saw it as a whole. It all came together in my undertanding, as a series of experiments do when you begin to see where they are leading. Something had happened in me that made it possible for me to co-ordinate and simplify... It had formerly been mixed up with other motives; but now that they were gone, I had my happiness unalloyed.”

29 November 2013

H. S. Rawdon & Marjorie G. Lorentz, “Metallographic Etching Reagents: I, for Copper” (1921); Willa Cather