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a severe test


Plates 8 and 9
(cropped from borders, and rearranged)
Fig. 35 [upper left] Laminated eutectic alloy. V. × 1200 diameters.
Fig. 36 [upper right] Alloy with 64 per cent. Sn. V. × 200 diameters
Fig. 37 [lower left] Alloy with 65 per cent. Sn. V. × 600 diameters
Fig. 40 [lower right] Alloy of eutectic composition made by compressing the powdered ingredients. V. × 80 diameters
Walter Rosenhain (1875-1934 *), with P. A. Tucker. “Eutectic Research.—No. 1. The Alloys of Lead and Tin.” Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London 209 (1908) : 89-122 (followed by plates 5-9)
Pennsylvania State University copy, digitized August 23, 2012

“As close observation has shown, this is a severe test of the accuracy with which the true eutectic composition has been attained in the synthesis of the alloy, the first effect of a slight addition of either constituent being to produce a slight coarsening of the structure...”
p 118

“And when you admitted that a thing was real, that was enough—now.”

from “The Professor,” in Willa Cather, The Professor’s House (1925) : *

30 November 2013

tags: W. Rosenhain & P. A. Tucker, “Eutectic Research... The Alloys of Lead and Tin” (1908); Willa Cather, The Professor’s House (1925)