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on total immersion tests


Figs. 4 and 5 (Calumet Mine Water Test)
(combined, denuded of captions)
illustrating W. A. Selvig, “Mine Water Immersion Tests.” contained with Report of Sub-Committee III on Inspection of the Fort Sheridan, Pittsburgh and Annapolis tests.
ASTM Proceedings 21 (1921): 157-190
Princeton copy, digitized January 13, 2010

A remarkable series of tests of steel and iron samples, in which “all the test pieces, both No. 22 gage and No. 16 gage in the test racks in the Pittsburgh district, which were immersed in the water pumped from the Calumet Mine of the H. C. Frick Coke Co. at Calumet, Pa., have failed.”

Shown above are but two of 25 figures (all but one figure containing two columns, six rows of samples), below each of which are given sample code, rack number, and duration of immersion (e.g., 84 days, 112 days). The captions are removed in this re-presentation.

The report is followed by a four-page discussion by J. A. Aupperle, “presented in written form,” that argues against hasty conclusions &c., &c.

W. A. Selvig authored many subsequent studies of coal, coal mine dust, and related topics, and would chair the DO5 (Coal and Coke) committee of the ASTM in the years 1948-1952.

7 December 2013

ASTM; failures; immersion; iron; steel
W. A. Selvig, “Mine Water Immersion Tests” (1921)