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in the neighborhood of flaws


Fig. 10.
Flaw in boiler-plate (corroded) showing right angles and cleavage through a Ferrite-cell x 335.
(cropped from page)
illustrating H. Baucke (Amsterdam). “On the action of electrolytes on metals under stress.”
International Association for Testing Materials, VIth Congress, New York, 1912.
IATM (American Session) Proceedings, vol 2. (1912) : II20
(evidently) University of Illinois copy, no scan date.

“In the neighborhood of flaws, one often finds peculiar straight striae, arranged in groups with parallel orientation...”   p 197

Their makers must surely — again and again I imagine it thus — have sensed the sublime beauty of these their images. But enough of this.

7 December 2013

aesthetics of technical images; corrosion; flaws; metallurgy; rounds
H. Baucke, “On the action of electrolytes on metals under stress” (1912)