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a trellis, of sorts


accidental endpaper composition (detail)
ex Julii Pontederae Pisani and Guilielmum Sherardum. Compendium Tabularum Botanicarum. Patavii [Padua], 1718
Bavarian State Library copy, digitized February 3, 2010

William Sherard (1659-1728 *). See also the more colorful entry in Chalmers's General Biographical Dictionary (1816) here, where we learn that Sherard was consul in Smyrna in the years 1702-1718.

Giulio Pontedera (1688-1757 *).

One thing led to another.

9 December 2013
tags: botany; marbled paper; oops; trellis; Giulio Pontedera; William Sherard