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a piece of an old nail


Fig. 2
illustrating The Very Rev. Gerald Molloy, D.D., D.Sc. (1834-1906 *). “Short account of an experiment to determine the exact position in a focus tube from which the x-rays are emitted.”
The Scientific Proceedings of the Royal Dublin Society 8 (1898) : 515-518
NYPL copy, digitized November 9, 2009

“Perhaps I should explain that the black patch close to the second nail from the right hand corner above, in the figure, is due to the presence of a piece of an old nail, which unknown to me was imbedded in the deal board.”
note, p 517

Among his numerous other publications, Molloy authored The Irish Difficulty : Shall and Will (1897) — some 198 pages of grammatical philosophy and examples (pp112-198) of correct, and latitudinarian, usage. (a very strange book, 15 August 2016)

16 December 2013

a piece of an old nail; nails; the other Irish difficulty; skiagraphy
G. Molloy, “Short account of an experiment” (1898)