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what new-fangled notions, 11-15


Will you relieve me?
Will you leave me the ripe olive?
Will you rely upon me?

Will you reprove me?

How far will you run?



The rough mob.
The ripple on the river.

The fine view of the river from the bluff.
In the flume near the mill.



I fear I will rob you.

I hear a rumble.

We were by the mouth of the river.



The pronoun she.
Pull the rope.

Will you bore a hole in the wall?
Will you roam far from home?

Will you be here with your violin?



Are you warm?

I fear I will bore you.

Are you warm enough?

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derivations 11-15 (of 45) ex Lillie Eginton Warren (1859-1926), The Warren Method of Expression Reading and Numerical Cipher (1898)
Library of Congress copy PN4111 .W35
available via Internet Archive, digitized November 30, 2012

Tenth Expression (11-13)
R, er, ir, ur, unaccented a, a at the end of words, as in sofa, and short u, give a movement to the cheeks.
4.2.10 = fear

Eleventh Expression (14-15)
When giving the sound of aw the mouth is open but the corners are nearer together than in Expression 3rd.
11 – 2 = oi & oy.
11 – 1 = o.
11.8 = all & awl
7.11 – 2 = boy
9.11 – 1 = no

23 December 2013

fear; olives; pronouns; ripples; rivers
Lillie Eginton Warren