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what new-fangled notions, 26-30


I will dream about it.

No doubt you will hear the rumor.

It will dwindle to a fine point.
A dipperful of water.

The water will drip on the floor.



I did not write but I will.



I fear that we shall be thrown over the dashboard.

That will be too abrupt.



Where did you turn off the road?
Where will you be to-night?

That will be enough.



A little matter should not baffle you.

It might not happen to be the right man.


derivations 26-30 (of 45) ex Lillie Eginton Warren (1859-1926), The Warren Method of Expression Reading and Numerical Cipher (1898)
Library of Congress copy PN4111 .W35
available via Internet Archive, digitized November 30, 2012

Twelfth Expression (26-27)
The tongue is quickly brought down from the upper gum in giving T & D. D does not show as light a movement as T.
12.11.8 = tall

Thirteenth Expression (28-30)
Short e and short a require a dropping of the lower jaw. = beware

25 December 2013

tags: dashboards; fine points; points; turns; water
Lillie Eginton Warren