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what new-fangled notions, 31-35


What have you on top of your head?

Anywhere you wish.



The man fell from the ladder.
Have you found any error in the proof?

I want the right definition of the word.



Do you know the depth of the well?

We ought to put up a tablet in memory of the event.



What will the end be?



How thick will the book be?


derivations 31-35 (of 45) ex Lillie Eginton Warren (1859-1926), The Warren Method of Expression Reading and Numerical Cipher (1898)
Library of Congress copy PN4111 .W35
available via Internet Archive, digitized November 30, 2012

Thirteenth Expression (31-34)
Short e and short a require a dropping of the lower jaw. = beware

Fourteenth Expression (35)
The mouth is opened, but not in an expressive manner, and the front of the tongue is not prominent in the mouth, when K, G, and Ng are sounded. = black

December 2013

tags: definitions; ladders; thickness
Lillie Eginton Warren