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what new-fangled notions, 36-40


Look at that kite high up in the air.

A beautiful book bound in red.



What an awkward man!



We were under an oak tree.

I would like to have a full account of that affair.

I left my account book at home.



thinking       shocking       blacking
calling       blowing       winding

Did you find me the book belonging to my father?

borrowing       bragging       breathing
brimming       climbing       cramming

We were in a high wind blowing hard from the north.

Can you hear the booming of the cannon?



Are you trying to kill time?

The men were digging for gold.


derivations 36-40 (of 45) ex Lillie Eginton Warren (1859-1926), The Warren Method of Expression Reading and Numerical Cipher (1898)
Library of Congress copy PN4111 .W35
available via Internet Archive, digitized November 30, 2012

Fourteenth Expression (36-40)
The mouth is opened, but not in an expressive manner, and the front of the tongue is not prominent in the mouth, when K, G, and Ng are sounded. = black

26 December 2013

awkwardness; auriferous deposits; mining; red; wind
Lillie Eginton Warren