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the edge of a hat


detail (much enlarged) of Stigmatypie portrait of Gutenberg
the edge of a hat
(apologies for poor photo)

ex Carl Fasol (1815-1892). Album der Buchdruckerkunst. (Zusammenstellung und Typen-Satz von C. F.) Serie I. Wien, 1868-81.
Houghton Library copy

Demonstrating Stigmatypie ("Punkte auf 2 Punkt Kegel") composition and printing of an image. Preparation would have included analysis of the original, in order to capture shapes and values in lead type dots of four, maybe five diameters, as shown above. Fasol's was a highly impractical process to begin with, rendered moreso by the appearance of new reproduction processes (the halftone). But it's fascinating, and looks forward to certain photo telegraphy ideas pre-1925, explored here.

Posting here prompted by a twitter exchange re: Fasol's process, and presentation of pages from the above — including the Gutenberg portrait — at Stigmatypie: afbeeldingen drukken met puntjes.

30 December 2013
tags: Carl Fasol; buchdruckerkunst; printing arts; stigmatypie