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yet for all

Intersour     Got all
Interstate     Got all I wanted of
Intertalk     Got all I need
Intertex     Got more than bargained for
Intervalo     Got off cheap
Intervalle     Got off lucky
Intervisit     Got in cheap
Intervital     Got nothing
Interwish     Got nothing of any account
Intesso     Got some
Intestacy     Got away
Intestado     Got away in time
Inthirst     Got as far as — — then
Inthals     Got as far as this place
Intibella     Got what I came for

Precudir     Yet for all
Precursar     Yet for all it is perhaps the best
Precurse     Yet for all it is perhaps

ex T. Walter Hartfield, The World-Wide Travellers' Cipher Code for Foreign and Domestic Use (1901), a thorough reworking of the same compiler's Atlas Universal Travelers' and Business Code (1896).
their differences have occupied a good part of my day.
the latter, at least, here.

January 2014
tags: T. Walter Hartfield; almost a song; got's; perhaps's; telegraphic codes