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and every / has its own


8943     Melancholy       Met with
8944     Melange       Met by

ex C. Algernon Moreing. Telegraphic Mining Code, Alphabetically Arranged. London, 1888

The photo is one of several taken in the apartment of then recently deceased Lillie Simpkins (1929-1991), in the Cathedral public housing project in Boston, September 1991. I'd gained access as part of an exercise assigned by architect/artist Panos Kouros (*), with whom I was doing an "independent study." Our theme was ruination the poetics of ruins; my text was from Friedrich Hölderlin (1770-1843 *) — Sieburth's translation of Hymns and Fragments (1984).

It's something else to be sure,

                        Distinctions are
          good.       Each
                        and every
Has its own.

This clock landscape was leaning against a wall, counterclockwise as shown here. I imagined that Lillie must have gazed into / wandered through that forest dreamscape, for hours. As, in some way, I have done and do, here still.

The photo is attached to a glassine envelope containing other images from that period.

            The farewell of Time
                        and in peace they part

13 January 2014
tags: Friedrich Hölderlin; Panos Kouros; cathedral; distinctions; forest; melancholy; time