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approx 1.5" w, 4.5" h, 2.5" thick
picked up — broken off the floor of — a dry wash (gully) that empties into Temecula Creek
300 meters north of Oak Grove Stage Station, ca 1972
flat-bed scanned 2014

sedimentary? "Temecula arkose" ? hollows what? what's gone ?

overview at Geologic Map of the Aguanga 7.5' Quadrangle
San Diego and Riverside Counties, California
Geologic Mapping by Siang S. Tan and Michael P. Kennedy, 2003
California Geological Survey
map lists "previous studies referred to" including J.F. Mann his Geology of a portion of the Elsinore fault zone, California (1955) available here.
faults, many.

22 January 2014
tags: desert; erasures; faults; lithography; memory; Oak Grove; porosities; rock