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its bitter, useless waters, 6


Salton Sea, ca 1961-62

J, M, C
waves of translation

But if this subject be hard to understand, it is much harder to explain what becomes of the particles of water moved out of the way of the ship;
where they go;
how they get there;
if they ever return to their old places;
what force takes them away, and
what brings them back, if they come back;
and if they do not come back,
whence those come that replace them;
how they come there;
and how their places are in turn supplied.

from a previous derivation from a paper by ship builder John Scott Russell (1808-82) : 0205

its bitter, useless waters (1-8), all

25 January 2014
tags: J. S. Russell; littoral; memory; rounds; waves; waves of translation