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wherever iron-bearing waters occur


Plate I, B.
Photomicrograph of threads of Crenothrix Polyspora from city water, Madison, Wis., x450.
Material obtained on filter. Some threads show ordinary vegetative cells; others show conidia. Stained with gentian violet.
(cropped from border and page)

illustrating Edmund Cecil Harder. Iron-Depositing Bacteria and their Geologic Relations. USGS Professional Paper 113. (1919) *
Stanford copy, no date of digitization

epigram ex introduction, p 7.

Cites David Ellis his work on iron bacteria and, specifically, Spirophyllum Ferrugineum. Several more images, of this quality, can be found in this same 84 page-long paper.

21 February 2014
tags: D. Ellis; E. C. Harder; drawing; iron-bacteria; water