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a view of the littoral, 1


Fig. 43. Choroiditis, Final Stage of Atrophy.
Masses of pigment are deposited on and around the cicatrices.
(cropped from page, border reconstructed)
illustrating Chapter IV, Affections of the Choroid
in Edward L. Oatman. Diagnostics of the Fundus Oculi. Comprising one volume of text with two hundred and thirty-four illustrations, and four colored plates and two portfolios containing seventy-nine stereograms and eight diagnostic cards.
New York, 1913
Michigan copy, digitized September 11, 2012

Soft sentences, pauses between them.
— Georgina Harding. Painter of Silence (2012) : 67

1 March 2014
tags: Edward L. Oatman; Georgina Harding; choroid; choroiditis; littoral; rounds; waves