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the outer curve of which


Plate XLV. Fig. 1
x 30 diameters. A curved crack in the quartz on the right passes out into the glass through a crystal of felspar and round a grain of magnetite. This encloses a perlite, the outer curve of which is visible passing through the felspar.
illustrating W. F. Smeeth. "A perlitic pitchstone from the Tweed River, New South Wales, with remarks on the so-called perlitic structure in quartz." Journal of the Royal Society of New South Wales 28 (1894) : 306-320 (plus three plates)
University of Chicago copy of Reprints of Papers from the Science Laboratories of the University of Sydney, digitized May 24, 2012

An idea that excludes the existence of our body cannot be in our mind, but is contrary to it.
— Spinoza, The Ethics, Part III, Of the Affects, Prop 10.

refracted through Yannis Kyriakides, Affectio (2000)

9 March 2014
tags: W. G. Smeeth; Spinoza; Yannis Kyriakides; curves; feeling unfeeling; pitchstone; quartz; rounds