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deep in the deepest part

Plate VII. Mr. John Humphrey’s slate quarry, half a mile east of Delta, York Co. Pa.
as presented in scan, image(s) cropped
illustrating Persifor Frazer, Jr. The Geology of Lancaster County. Second Geological Survey of Pennsylvania: Report of Progress in 1877. CCC. Harrisburg, 1880
University of Michigan copy, digitized October 19, 2006

“Prof. Agassiz visited this quarry some years ago, and its stalwart owner remembers a saying of the great naturalist, which he repeated. ‘The Almighty,’ quoth the Professor, ‘might have made a more perfect fish than the trout, but he never did it.’ I say the same of the Peach Bottom slates, said Mr. Humphrey.”
(from discussion at pp 189-190)

The quarry is “53 meters (about 175 ft.) deep in the deepest part.”

thinking about what common denominators there might be between geological field work, and handwriting analysis. Outcrop geology — something like what I do. (I don’t understand what I do.)

15 March 2014

deeps; outcrop geology; quarry; common denominators
Percifor Frazer, Geology of Lancaster Country (1877)