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memorable things lost, which were in use


This image is taken from a printout of a Google pdf, made a few years ago. Things change. A quite different view, of the same page, same copy, is found at Google Books today.

It is the frontispiece (?) to The History of Many Memorable Things lost, which were in use among the ancients: and an account of many excellent things found, now in use among the moderns, both natural and artificial. Written originally in Latin, by Guido Pancirollus; And now done into English, and illustrated with a new commentary of choice remarks, pleasant relations, and useful discourses, from Salmuth’s large Annotations; with several additions throughout. (London 1715)
University of Michigan copy, digitized August 2, 2005

Originally published in two volumes, in 1599 and 1602. The book was well known and read throughout Europe, in various languages, but was not Englished until 1715. See Vera Keller *, “Accounting for Invention: Guido Pancirolli’s Lost and Found Things and the Development of Desiderata.” Journal of the History of Ideas 75:2 (April 2012) : 223-245

The boat remains, though not the bookish wall in which it is framed.

29 March 2014

desiderata; lists; things lost; things newly found; rounds
Guido Pancirolli; Vera Keller