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a cloudy effect


Plate No. 14, illustrating Chapter XIV "Photographing against the Sun"
(slightly cropped, border replaced; levels &c unchanged)
ex Charles Maus Taylor, Jr. Why My Photographs Are Bad. Illustrated from photographs by the author. Philadelphia, 1902
University of Michigan copy, digitized October 3, 2007

“...the mistake of photographing against the sun—that is placing the lens in such a position as to receive, either directly or indirectly, the rays of the sun while exposure is being made. This produces a cloudy effect and spoils the picture, as shown in Plate No. 14.”
p 131

further spoiled/enhanced by scanning “Claude Glass” effect.

18 April 2014

cloudy effects; error; pictorialism; unintention
Charles Maus Taylor, Why My Photographs Are Bad (1902)